Why Us?

 Why choose Bottom Line Tax Solutions as your accounting firm?  Here are a few key reasons:

  • Know Exactly Where Your Business Stands -  Having timely financial statements is key to managing your company and your cash flow.  It is also essential in being able to minimize taxes!   A good recordkeeping system is vital to small business success and increasing profits.  Not only do we provide this information to our clients, we also help them understand how to read their financials and how to use them as a management tool.  We also provide key financial ratios and indicators that can help determine the financial health of your business.

  • Know What Your Accounting Cost Will BeWe provide accounting services on a fixed monthly fee - all inclusive.   No suprise bills at the end of the month or quarter.  And our monthly clients also receive the following "No Additional Cost Services":
Unlimited Consultation Time By Telephone or In Our Office
Quarterly Reviews and Mid Year Check Ups To Assess The Health of Your Company & Plan For Taxes                
  • Small Business Is Our Business - Our firm does not do large corporate audits or estate returns.  We specialize in accounting and tax services for small business owners.  By doing this, we can stay on top of what we need to know to do the best job possible for our clients.
  • Avoid Getting A Suprise Tax Bill of April 15thWe encourage our clients to meet with us each quarter to review their financial statements and to do tax projections for the year.  We also review tax strategies that can help lower you tax liability and keep more of your profits!!

Call Today To Find Out How We Can Help You Keep More Of What You Make And Improve Your Bottom Line!!

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