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How Tax Planning Can Help Cut Your Taxes

If you want to reduce your tax liability and win the “tax game”, you have to be PROACTIVE! You need all the information to prepare before the game has even started. You want someone who can lay out a plan for you to implement so you are fully prepared. What you need is a tax profession who knows the game inside and out and can coach you every step of the way.

Think You’re Paying Too Much in Taxes?

You’re not alone!  Taxes are often the biggest expense small business owners incur in their lifetime!  Even the government thinks you pay too much. The Government Accountability Office estimates that taxpayers overpay their taxes by almost a billion dollars each year due to not taking all the deductions that they are legally entitled to.  The question is “How much of that was your money?”

What is Tax Planning?

Tax Planning is the practice of effectively using legal concepts and strategies to reduce or postpone taxes without raising “red flags” or straying into “gray areas”. It is the art of ensuring you keep as much of your hard-earned money as possible while working within the guidelines of the tax code.

How Does Tax Planning Usually Work?

Most "tax planning" doesn't involve much of a plan at all. Many accountants work with their clients to help them prepare tax projections or estimates, but they don’t work proactively to help their clients utilize strategies to actually reduce the amount of taxes they have to pay.  To minimize your taxes, you want pre-season preparation, not a post-game analysis after you've already lost the game.

How Should Tax Planning Work?

Effective tax planning should start with an analysis of your current tax situation. With this information, we can create a fully customized individual tax plan that takes full advantage of every tax law applicable to your personal situation. Rather than general advice, you get advice specific to your individual circumstances.

A can help you prepare, strategize, and implement winning court-tested, IRS-approved tax planning strategies that will prevent you from paying more than you are legally obligated to pay.

Tax Planning with Bottom Line Tax Solutions

If the extent of your tax planning has only been to track your expenses and save receipts or make a last minute IRA contribution, it's time to team up with a tax planner. Our expert tax professionals will help you come up with a winning tax planning strategy that can save you thousands. By lowering the amount of taxes you pay each year, you can save more, invest more, and do more of what you want to do with your money. We help put you back in control.

Whether you are facing an audit, an unexpected huge tax bill, want to save money, or you want to get your finances in the best shape possible to weather economic downturns, Bottom Line Tax Solutions is here to help. We will work with you through our Proactive Tax Planning Service to help you create a customized plan to lower your tax liability. Bottom Line Tax Solutions also helps with tax preparation, tax debt resolution, tax relief, tax problems, and many other tax-related accounting services. To find out more about how to get a free tax analysis, contact Bottom Line Tax Solutions today.

If you would like to find out, schedule a Free tax review with our Certified Tax Coach by completing this form!

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